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Welcome to Bretheren!

Hail, and well met!  Bretheren is best described as a tight-knit band of adventurers and trades folk looking to carve a name for themselves in the world of Norrath.  We maintain our stance our existing as a content-focused guild, meaning we enjoy exploring all the wealth that Norrath has to offer in a casual, relaxed setting.  As of this posting, we are a level 71 guild based out of a medium-sized guild hall in sunny Qeynos.  We are currently rebuilding our numbers, and seeking like-minded folks to join our ranks.  Please take a few minutes to look over the site to get a feel for who we are and what we do.  Cheers and Safe Journeys!
Guild News

Pulling Marsala

MarsalaChickn, Aug 10, 10 7:55 PM.
In reference to the letter below, which I believe all of two or three people have read, lol, I have found a guild that is similar in nature to our own.  I have joined it with Boazazaz and wll be pulling Marsala, Cart, and Hakkii into it a week from today.  The name of the guild is League of Kindred Spirits.  Their guild hall is much like our own, the only amenity that we have that they dont that I can see is a collection guy.  They do have one cool feature, doors in each of the evil cities to go directly to the GH without having to sneak into Qeynos.  I wish we had thought of that.
They seem willing to take anyone from Bretheren who want to come over, although they make no concession on guild rank, all will become members but no officers.  I can live with that, let someone else have the headache.  I am gonna leave one of my low alts in bretheren for awhile until I can get ahold of T or someone who will give me some direction on the guild funds left over.  I have paid the upkeep on the guild hall for awhile,, still have significant funds in GB 4...Have talked to Hoopy, he says to distribute it evenly amongst the more active players...Im ok with that, but would like some input.

Tough Decision Time

MarsalaChickn, Aug 6, 10 9:24 PM.
Hello all,
It seems to me that with the departure of Guild Leader Nihtfyr, (see article below), we have come to an important decision making time for our guild.  I have been in this guild now for 3 years, making me the most senior active player in the guild, so it doesn't come easy for me to say this, BUT, it seems to me that this guild is effectively dead.  Over the last 6 months or so, we have lost 3 guild leaders...Roko, Thor, and now Niht, and we only have about 7 members who are on with ANY regularity at all...myself, Terror, Jiant, Necrotizing, Dahvra, Khard, and Hoopy.  There are others who play from time to time, but most often, there is either nobody on, or only one or two.  It seems to me the main purpose of a guild is to provide members who like to play/do things together.  Most recently, Tamiko left the guild along with his alt, Makie.  I did find out today that Icksey is still in the guild in the form of an alt, but his main moved on to another guild that is more active. 
We have recruited several new players over the last several months, all of whom with the exception of Icksey did not stay long due to inactivity.
Therefore, I propose several possible solutions.
1.  I think we should look for a guild to merge with.  There are a number of them out there looking for members.  Was talking to Icksey about the guild he is in and it sounds like they would be happy to absorb us.  I am not sure exactly how to do this, but will be getting in touch with their leaders soon to see if they are interested.
2.  We have abundant guild funds in the guild bank to keep the guild hall open for awhile, but if no one is putting in status, it wont take long before we would have to close it down anyway.
or 3.  We could just dismantle the guild and go our seperate ways.
I dont really like this option, as I enjoy playing and or talking to you all when you are on, but I do think we need to come to a decision soon.  If we do decide to dismantle the guild, we also need to decide how to disperse the guild funds we  have, as it is too much plat to just forget about.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Marsala Chickn
Guild Leader

The End Must Come

Nihtfyr, Jul 27, 10 4:37 PM.
It is with heartfelt feeling that I must step back to look at my priorities.  I have been a player of the EverQuest franchise since 1999, when the first game launched, and it has been a friendship that has carried on to EverQuest II.  But, sadly, as new things arise to take priority in my life, I must finally bid Norrath farewell.

I have made many friendships here I hope will carry over beyond the game, and I have enjoyed every moment with all of you.  I am placing Terrorsaur and Marsala in charge as I take my eternal leave.

Despite my real life commitments, I am leaving because of several decisions SOE has made that I disagree with, which has prompted my swift retirement.  SOE, a couple weeks ago, laid off about 36 employees from games including EverQuest II; this does not give me confidence in their addressing the lack of things to do at higher levels.  Secondly, today's announcement of the addition of Free-to-Play servers launching shortly after Fan-Fest.  While I was willing to take the conversion with a grain of salt, it appears as though Free-to-Play players will be allocated to an entirely different set of servers, rather than boost the population of current servers.  That, to me, is a horrific business decision that will ultimately hinder existing servers as players make their exodus to the free servers.

I wish each and everyone a very fond farewell, and I look forward to possibly seeing folks in Star Wars: The Old Republic when it launches.  Stand tall.  Walk proud.  And remember that all of you are freaking awesome!  I'll miss you guys and gals!

- Jay

Path of the Adventurer: Tier One: Blackburrow Follow-Up

Nihtfyr, Jul 15, 10 8:32 AM.
A Blackburrow Adventure
Not Without My Stout

    Two brave explorers dared the gnoll warrens in search of the legendary Blackburrow Stout, for there is no length to which either man or Sarnak will go for a frothing mug of the good stuff.  And, yet, when at last they stood before the great copper brewery, slaying every gnollish brewmaster who stood to defend their hearty beer, a champion stepped forward.  For the gnolls had not the desire to relinquish their prize to any invader, much less a New Halasian and a scaled Sarnak from Gorowyn.  And there was a great din of steel and the crackle of divine magic as the engagement drew on, those hallowed pipes and faucets of the brewery glistening like gold in deep caverns.  And yet at last they threw down their enemy and smote his ruin upon the cold stones.  Mugs were produce, and the two heroes toasted their victory...for about three minutes, when reinforcements arrived.

Path of the Adventurer: Season One: Tier One Progress

Nihtfyr, Jul 14, 10 3:00 PM.


    First of all, I want to thank everyone who has signed up for the new Path of the Adventurer program we've initiated.  Officially, we have three members taking part, with one or two more in the pipeline, as I understand it.  If you are raising a character this season, please head to the Path of the Adventurer forum and add your timeline to the existing thread if you have not done so already.  Please edit your post when you complete items on your timeline, so we can keep track of what still needs to be done in order to move as a guild into Tier Two.  I am also asking that you DO NOT attempt group content without a guild group.

    The purpose of this program is to re-live bands of heroes coming together and working through the content of the game together.  We'll be scheduling events to complete timeline content throughout the program, so please visit the Guild Calendar often to ensure you reserve a spot - such as for this evening's Blackburrow event.  If you happen to miss an event, don't worry!  We'll be hitting them until everyone in the season has done so.  

    I am also pleased to announce the character timelines for our participants have been updated with a preview of the Tier Two checklist!  While we are still in Tier One, this should give you an idea of what we will be running when we finally do advance.

    As a closing note, I'd like to once again open the doors to members who have not yet engaged in the program to get on-board while we are still in Tier One, because after Tier One concludes we won't have any further openings until the following season.  So, if you are interested, please sign up today in the Path of the Adventurer forums!

Alasir Summerwind scowls at you ready to attack.  What would you like your tombstone to say?
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